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Was Jesus married?

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    I have heard very little discussion on this subject. Did Jesus marry while on Earth? If so, then where or who is his offspring? Skeptics say no, but doesn't it make sense that he would have married to sanctify this union between man and woman? I hope there is some good discussion wiyh regards to this subject. Could be profound, if so.
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    Something to ponder,

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    the outcome,

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    If Jesus did marry, it is believed that his bloodline is somewhere in France. Don't ask me why, I just heard it somewhere.
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    I have heard there are writings (additional gosphels) suppressed by the Catholic Church that say Jesus was married to Mary Magdeline. Apparently, thats what "The DaVinci Code" (fiction, loosely based on facts) is about. The movie "Stigmata" is also about suppressed scriptures.
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    Jesus in Japan

    You haven't heard the Jesus in Japan legend? See the attached news story link. I read this about a year ago.

    http://abcnews.go.com/sections/world/DailyNews/japan010123_jesus.html [Broken]
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    russ is correct, i just finished reading The DaVinci code (excellent book!) and it outlines this suppossed theory of Jesus being married. It gives quite the realistic and "enlightening" perspective of what religion could be...
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    I think he did marry

    Let me explain why I believe he did marry Mary Mag.

    If only a handful of the factual data is true, then maybe he did.
    It is very well possible the Vatican, who is so darn powerful and wealthy, could suppress this factual data. The Vatican Empire would have fallen a long time ago if the truth got out. But the powers at hand saw to it and supressed all of the truth.

    This book is still spreading all over the world. Everyone's Faith will be tested. I feel like a fool for going along with what the Church has been teaching me. Why didn't I ever question it?

    I am scared to question it. If I don;t believe, then no Heaven for me. That would suck!!

    Please respond to me or email me..kenestee@hotmail.com

    See ya folks
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    I think he did marry

    please someone comment
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    We don't do religion here.
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