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Was looking for a welcome thread

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    But couldn't find one. I just wanted to say hello and I really enjoy what I am reading so far.

    I have been running through tons of pages on a lot of these subjects on the internet and was hoping to find something with more conversations and am glad I have found it in this forum.

    Lots of interesting stuff here.
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    Welcome ThanatologyBoy! :smile:
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    Welcome. So what's on your mind? Ask a question. Make an assertion. But do it in the appropriate forum. It's almost guaranteed that somebody will reply.
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    Hey, welcome... what's your favorite fish?
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    Welcome to PF, ThanatologyBoy :smile:!
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    Welcome to PF!! I'm sure you'll like it here!

    We do need to know your favorite fish...
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    Is your favourite fish mackerel, or tuna perhaps? :smile:
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    Don't thoroughly enjoy fish that much but since I currently reside in South Korea I eat it more often then when I was state-side.

    I love me some sushi, but even then I prefer shrimp.

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    Yes, doing things in the appropriate forum is a must, I can tell.

    I have lots of questions about cosmology, string theory, and some others.

    I'll ask when I'm more comfortable in my understanding of those subjects.
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    WHAT a refreshing decision. We get SO many folks who don't even have a high school knowledge of physics but who are SURE that various aspects of modern science can't possibly be right but that THEY know the real answer answer 'cause it occurred to them last night while they were eating pizza. OK ... I exaggerate, but not by much. I DO admire your decision.

    Welcome to the forum.
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    Keyboard warriors to the max!


    There's so many things here that I love to wonder about. The biggest problem I have is the math. Which is pretty much all of it. I'm sure once I know what a few of the basic symbols mean in relation to others I can grasp them deeper. I mean, I know exponents, basic geometry, but I still get confused on some of those long equations.

    Thanks for the welcomes everyone!
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