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Was the Moon Landing a Hoax?

  1. Apr 24, 2005 #1
    I personally think it was after reading sites such as these:
    [ woo-woo links deleted ]
    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on this topic... (I hope I don't get banned :frown: )
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Banned for asking a question? The mentors are not head hunters looking for their next trophy ban. :tongue2:

    I would not waste my time with those sites. They are not to be taken seriously. There is also the fox special and a few other "moon hoax" videos floating about, the arguments are never sound and usually rely on emotional arguments and faulty or misrepresented evidence.
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    And of course the "fact" that the US government lies anytime, anyplace, about anything related to anyone. If it involves the US government, its a lie. The government told me that it was sunday which means most definitely, that it was actually friday :rofl: :rofl:
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    Check out clavius.org Jay does an excellent job of explaining various aspects of the Apollo moon landings and his answers are not fluff.
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    There is a moon hoax: the hoax is the idea that the moon landings were a hoax. I am convinced Hoagland (the squeaky wheel these days) doesn't even believe his own BS. He pushes his hoax for the sole purpose of personal profit.
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    Don't you all think that if the moonl landing was a hoax then all the moon landigs sice then would have had to be a hoax, bcause i fnot the images or so would be very different?
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    Not too long ago i remember reading that an ESA craft had photographed materials left behind on the moon by Russian and American moonmissions. Of course, the European Space Agency could also be involved in the moon-hoax ;)
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    If it was a hoax, then hundreds of people, from model makers to janitors and make-up artists, would half to be able to keep a giant secret. By now, someone one would of come forward. I mean even the National Enquirer would pay them millions for one slip of real evidence. You just can't keep that many people quite.
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    That is the emtional agurment that is used the most Pengwuino. You distrust the governement on other things so distrust the governemnt on this too! If anything this is not a reason to beleive the moon landing was hoaxed, rather it may be a reason to invesigate all claims the government makes. It has been investigated and has more attention then it ever needed.

    I thinkg Ivan has the debunk well in hand.
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    Hmmm, maybe I am a bit too gullible... :frown: Just out of curiosity, is it the consensus, here at PF, that UFOs are a huge hoax as well?
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    James R

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    I can't speak for the consensus on UFOs, but I can give you my opinion.

    UFOs are real. A UFO is, literally, an "unidentified flying object". Lots of people see UFOs - things in the sky which they can't immediately explain. A lot of the time, it turns out that those things do have a mundane explanation. Perhaps the person is seeing a strange cloud, or the planet Venus, or even a high-altitude man-made aircraft. Sometimes, there just isn't enough evidence, or the evidence isn't of high enough quality, to be able to sort out exactly what was seen.

    The bottom line is, though, that there is no good, convincing evidence that any UFO has ever been an alien spaceship - despite the thousands of internet sites which will tell you otherwise. Photographs of alien spaceships, for example, are invariably fuzzy, or else they are faked.

    Not everybody who claims to have seen an alien spaceship is making up a story, or is untrustworthy. Some people are just plain mistaken about what they saw. However, there are also many people out to make some money, or to gain some fame for themselves, who make up all kinds of stories.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Please start another thread if you wish to discuss UFOs.
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    Well how else would he be able to yammer on about the alien machines and such on Mars that are massively being covered up. And the residents and their structures on the moon too. They just convieniently all appear on the far side of the moon so you can't see them, but he knows.
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    doesnt the fact that people are picking on the little details and such almost prove that it wasnt a hoax? i mean if it was totally faked, from start to finish, im guessing whoever did it would screw up royally about 100 times. and not just little things like shadows and whatnot. so the fact that people are saying that "oh this shadow and that" is slightly off, kind of indicates that eithor whoever did a fake was amazingly smart and planned it out, something rare in government undertakings, or that its not a fake. just my two cents :)
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    I saw an episode of "Da Ali G Show" that featured an interview with Buzz Lightyear wherein he stated that the Moon does infact exist. :rofl:
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    Well, I'm glad we've got that settled!
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    Isn't the most plausible evidence those laser reflector arrays that were set up on the moon?

    I would have to say that even if this were to be 'countered', we didn't have nearly as much advanced robotics in order to specially place the array at that exact location...
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    Ivan Seeking

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