I Was The moon landing fake?

Sorry, I feel stupid posting this but my family is having a big debate right now and I was forced to open Physics Forums. So I personally believe the moon landing was real, my sister believes it was fake. The evidence is convincing on this video I watched. It was something like "Conspiracy theory of the moon landing", its on Netflix. Two thing that I had questions on specifically was the waving flag, when space is a vacuum, and also how there is no blast crater when they landed. Was the moon landing real? What do you all think?
There are laser reflectors on the moon left by some of the apollo missions.
There are no natural laser reflectors on the moon.
Thank you, so that indicates that the moon landing was real?
This EarthSky article may help your case:


With respect to the conspiracy theories related to the US govt, NPR reported on an ancient one that was true. During prohibition, the US govt ordered industrial alcohol factories to add toxic substances to their alcohol in order to discourage folks from stealing and drinking it. Many people died from this terrible decision.

We won’t discuss this topic further as we don’t in general discuss conspiracy theories as there is no end to the debate and so we will leave this thread closed.

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