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Was there ever a race of giant people?

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    Was there ever a race of giant people ? i have come across sites that claim
    they existed but all the evidence seems to have disapeared.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    A race of giants did and does exist. They are usually referred to now as the NBA.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    One likely source for the giants myths: Genesis 6:4

    As you might imagine, the UFO crowd has latched onto its own interpretation of “those fallen from heaven"
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    haha that's a good one Ivan. ;)
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    'Giants' of staggering proportions generally suffer from acromegaly, a condition that was only recognized as a disease in the 19th century. In acromegaly, a tumor of the pituitary gland (known in medical parlance as a macroadenoma) releases large amounts of growth hormone, causing abnormal growth of the skeleton and other tissues.

    Acromegaly patients can also suffer from impaired eyesight, caused by pressure of the tumor on the cross-over point of the optic nerves (the optic hiasma). If Goliath did indeed have acromegaly and his vision was impaired, young David could have approached Goliath from the side without being observed.
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    If "all evidence" is gone, then how can they make the claim?
    If the evidence is just literature, as Ivan suggests, then it seems one would have to chalk it up to "unknown" (at best) or simply a myth, unless and until someone can find the remains of several giant people from a particular time & place (so as to represent a race and not just a birth defect as RunDMC suggests).
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    Watusi,7 to 8 ft tall, are considered giant in hight by our standards. And there is a giant tribe in the Sudan{Dinka}, where Manute Bol{7'7"} comes from.

    This Adena skull is from the Ohio State Archaeological Museum, The Adeana were american giants. I have seen the remains of males which were easily 8 to 9 feet tall. While the females looked to be 6 to 7 feet. And they had two fully developed rows of teeth, both upper and lower. I counted 62 fully emerged, worn teeth, with no sign of decay.

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    I assuming you didn't give the link to the website you found because that's all they said on it?Can you please give us the link or did it disapper with the eveindce:rofl:
    Why whould they have these sites have evedince
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    Incase any one is interested...

    The Nephilim story as far as I understand comes from "The Book of Enoch" which is generally not accepted as part of the biblical canon. You can read it here...
    If you skim down to Chapter VI that is where the story regarding the angels that fancied mortal women comes in. This story is only a small portion of "The Book of Enoch" and attempts to explain where sin originated apparently at odds with the explination that takes place in the garden with Adam and Eve.
    Here is what the Catholic Encyclopedia says about the book...
    Oddly the Catholic Encyclopedia doesn't seem to have anything to say about Nephilim.

    At any rate according to "The Book of Enoch" Nephilim were giants. I've been trying to figure out whether the piece in Genesis came from "The Book of Enoch" or the other way around and can not find anything conclusive. The earliest excerpts from BoE found are dated around about the 3rd century BC and the earliest of Genesis around the 4th century BC. It seems to be common belief that Genesis was pieced together from other sources but also commonly believed that the BoE is an interpretation and expansion of the lines from genesis.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Your post and the picture astonished me. I have read a slew of stories about giant skeletons being recovered from Indian mounds with double rows of teeth, but they always seem to end with "...the remains disintegrated within hours of exposure to the air." In other words, I had no idea any of these skeletons were actually preserved anywhere.

    Where did you see this skeleton?

    Here's a link with the sort of story I've read:


    I almost started a thread about these Indian mound giant stories a couple weeks ago but figured no one would have much to add to what I'd read.

    At least two different Native American tribes have legends about their ancestors having launched major wars against the Giants and having succeeded in defeating them.

    This thing about the double row of teeth is extremely weird. Do you have any pictures of what that looks like? It must be a bizarre mutation and can't have been a benefit to them, could it?

    The fact these skeletons still exist and are kept somewhere blows me away because I should think it would be well known.

    edit: I see I was so exited I missed the fact that you specifically stated the skull was at the Ohio State Archeology Museum.
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    Math Is Hard

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    What's the scoop on "giants" and polydactyly? Any truth to that?
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    The first time I saw the remains, they were in a glass case at the Fort Ancient earthworks. Due to complains of Native tribes they were removed from public display, and are now in limbo.
    I went with a co-worker when he was hired to link them to the Hopwell tribe{which he could not do}, so that they could correctly bury the remains. As far as I know this legel battle is still going on.
    The teeth, we were able to rule out things like hyperimmunoglobulinemia E syndrome{job}and several other variables linked to disorders which delay the loss of early{baby} teeth. Both rows were fully adult.
    I'll look for a pic for you. One interesting side note, traces of hair were found at the site, where the remains were found, at least one was a natural redhead.
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    If giants were truely a breed apart, then things like polydactyly would be a common trait. There is just not enough of these ancient remains to compare.
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    I've heard stories on Coast to Coast about these. The stories I heard always ended in the bones disappearing supposedly having been stolen by "them", or whom ever supposely wanted to keep the evidence under wraps. I always thought it was most likely bunk considering that all the evidence had supposedly disappeared.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Thor Heyerdahl cite references in tribal mythologies to giant redheaded seafarers?
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    That really sucks since, according to their own legends, the giants weren't Indians, and they, themselves, tried to exterminate the giants.
    Apparently Indians have a legal claim to any remains that are dated prior to some date before which everyone is pretty sure there were no Europeans here.
    You have probably heard of that skeleton they found up north somewhere which is clearly not an Indian but was dated to be too early to be a European. The tribes have blocked study of that one, too.
    This has clearly got to be some mutation. This race had to have started out normal at some point and then got hit with some whammy that caused both the teeth mutation and the giant size.
    Two rows of teeth! That's the most bizarre thing I've ever heard.
    As far as hair goes, my first thought when I read about these skeletons was that these people might have been covered in body hair and be the template for all bigfoot stories. The picture of the skull, though, shows an all too sapiens sapiens forhead. I don't see getting an "apelike" or "homonid" face out of that skull.
    Still, the size is right, so maybe bigfoot is a living mutation of these mutated giants.
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    Here's another site with a bunch of stories, not just about American Giants but from all over, (with plenty of speculation about their origins thrown in).
    Address:http://www.prospector-utah.com/LAND OF GI
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    :surprised How come this information is so hard to find.
    Thanks Hypatia.
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    Zooby, i can not link to this site, i just get an add for web space.
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