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Was this a threat to ban me or should I just leave this site

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    I think some theories we have today are not right. That is how thing work that is how we come up with new theories. We may know more today then we ever did but it is still only a drop in the ocean compared to what we do not know. I think this reply was rude and uncalled for.


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    Quote Quote by marmstrong941 View Post

    What you just said sounds more like god created the universe then like a theory. To question is to search for the truth and to not follow blindly what we do not truly know. I don't know if anyone said that before me or not but it is true. Point is at some level we are both wrong because we just don't know.

    Please refer to a specific statement and explain why you think it is more like God than a scientific theory.

    If you believe the universe has either an edge or a center then you run the risk of being banned from this forum as a crackpot. OR ... you could come up with a VALID new theory that overturns existing cosmology. Good luck with that.

    By the way, I see you're new to the forum. If you're like most of us when we first start up, you didn't read the rules yet and are probably not aware of the ban on personal speculation and the fact that the purpose of this forum is to explore and explain known science as currently understood.

    So, for example, saying something like "I don't understand why cosmologists say there is no edge to the universe" is perfectly fine. That's what this forum is for ... to help people understand such things.

    But to say "I believe that there IS an edge to the universe" is not good form and to insist on it would be to invite getting banned.
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    Phinds is not a moderator here, so he cannot ban you.

    That said, he is entirely correct that we don't entertain crackpot ideas here. We wish to discuss mainstream science on this forum. So if you want to discuss something non-mainstream that you can't find in published papers and textbooks, then don't discuss it on this site.

    Also, if you have a problem with a certain post, please hit the report button and type up a complaint. Making a public thread on it is a bit frowned upon here.

    Question is answered, so thread is locked.
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