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News Washington Post sold!

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    Anyone want to buy a newspaper?


    It will be interesting to see how the newspaper develops.

    Oh, the things one can do when one has money.
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    I do wonder what he plans to do with it, he is planning to keep it separate from amazon apparently.
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    Online retail? Huge market, lots of potential growth. But Bezos hasn't quite figured out how to make a good profit from Amazon yet.

    Newspapers? Ageing market, negative growth. The family is selling because it can't figure out how to make profit from newspapers anymore.

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    Stop the presses! Internet billionaire buying a newspaper? Is he going to roll it up and swat flies with it? Does he even know what else people used to do with them?

    I can't imagine him keeping the print version, one way or another:
    -Option 1: End the print version.
    -Option 2: Try to make a profit with the print version. Fail. Goto 1.
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