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What's interesting is that I've taken both professors' classes.
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Looks like the WTimes is trying to get some people fired. And doing their usual job of whipping up the faithful...

What did you think of the classes and their teaching, Sting?
Hi Damgo,

They are great professors, kind and encouraging. I won't lie, they are leftist but they don't bash people who don't agree with their opinion and are willing to listen.

Their classes have changed me in a way because they opened my eyes to what goes on in the world. Hearing the struggles of the world made me want to fight for the common man.

I've read the article by Dr. Stevenson and several newspapers have taken it out of context.


Nothing like demonizing the dissenters...


well it is considered improper to nail them to crosses these days.
Did you go to the website and read the letter from the editor of the targeted site?

It is exactly why I had tried to get 'someone's' to understand that Freedom of Speech is stronger if you endevour to mediate the Hate speech, that includes the threats, as that has a bad tendancy to reduce the Freedom of Speech!

The site is"
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The article seems to insinuate that the website should not be hosted by someone in Dalton. I would just like to see some objective journalism.

When I went to that article, the random adlink on the bottom happened to say "Support president bush/Support our troops". It takes you to some place called Newsmax. They sell bush baseball caps and such...doesn't sound like very legitimate news to me. The link seemed to be a fitting touch to finish off the article.

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