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Waste Incinerator

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    Can someone here explain to me in detail how this stuff works... or link me to a good website about incinerators....

    i need to consider these points also... how to separate waste into recyclable and non recyclable....

    how to separate the gases produced?

    if someone has any info about any stuff above, please post!!
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    Start with a google for "Trash to steam plant".
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    thnx.... btw, the astro pics on your site are amazing!!
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    It's almost always SO2 and HCl, which is scrubbed by using CaCO3 and Ca(OH)2.

    We don't really need to separate those gases. Other contaminants are PCB and dioxines which requires a use of carbon adsorption.

    Recycling: there are 3 sections: toxic, normal and inert building material. You never dump biodegradable waste in a waste plant. What you can do with biodegradable waste is: Fibrecycle proces or aerobic or anaerobic waste management. Always recycle metals and non metals in waste and do a washing on inert material + recuperation. All other material should be dumped.

    There are different kinds of incinerators, the grate incinerator for normal waste, then there is this toxic waste using big rotating tunnels. Then there is a fluidized bed for slurry and biodegradable things out of water purification centers.

    Do a search on Indaver!
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