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Wasting Time

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    Is it possible to predict the future state of a system without using time as a factor?
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    I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but let me try an analogy and see if you think it fits: consider an equation such as y=2x. Is it possible to calculate "y" without knowing "x"? No.
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    If the time phys relation exist

    If the time phys relations is exist. the progress is determind. as this serious , the time can determind in another.
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    no i wouldnt' imagine it would. because your using time as a measuring stick (the future) so any predictions on the future would be based on the extent of time that passes. unless it pretains to the status if nonexistant things (like the lotto numbers)
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    How do you define the "future" without refering to time?
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    The simple answer would be: it depends on whether the system is time-dependent, if it is as most systems are then no.

    Interestingly, I am lead to believe that time 'disappears' from the Wheeler-Dewitt equation.
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