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Watch your file sharing

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    Apparently the RIAA has won some lawsuits and now this is going to happen http://www.riaa.com/news/newsletter/062503.asp [Broken] . They use bots to scan these networks so I'd say you might as well assume they have information on you if you get on a file sharing network that they are monitoring.
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    i can't imagine they'll go after every user... unless they have the time to take 5 million broke kids to court, and they most likely won't get any money, unless they're planning on taking college savings from them and putting them on the street. let's say i "theoretically" have 3000+ mp3's, that means i could get sued for 500 million bucks. there's no way in hell they're getting that much from me. i don't think my entire family will have made that much in their lifetimes. so imo, $150,000 per song is a load of crap. if they want me to pay damages, i got 5 bucks, and that's all they should expect to get. they just can't get $2,500,000,000,000,000 from a bunch of kids, who are probably helping the industry more than they're hurting it. and let us not forget, we download because of the music, man.
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