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Watching a show about Mt. Vesuvius

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    I'm watching a show about Mt. Vesuvius. How terrifying is it see those bodies preserved where they fell. You can see thier teeth even. And the looks on their faces. Parents shielding their children. its so scary.
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    Yes the pressure building up as Mother Earth slowly churnes, the hot, firey liquid rising and pressing harder and harder against the crust pushing against its own great weight until it can't stand it any longer and the mountain top's rocks fly off and it releases in a terrible fury of gushing molten lava. Then it smokes.
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    :bugeye: :bugeye:
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    It's bloody fascinating, if you ever get the chance to go to the Naples area it's well worth a walk up the crater, and well worth a visit to Pompeii too. You can still see the menu on a wall in the brothel.
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    worked better with the original title, but I really didn't expect that to last even until I got my first response posted.
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    I fell asleep watching that show and while I was asleep some show about hitler came on. I started dreaming about concentration camps and had a pretty intense nightmare that woke me up.I dreamt I was at the concentration camp recreation park and there was a photo op spot where you could stand and get all the camps in one photo. Then there was a walk through tour and I went into a cave where the lights got turned out and monsters attacked me and made me take a geode that was full of magic crystals, but I didn't want the geode so they threw me into the ocean. Its sort of fading right now, but it was scary at the time
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    Wow I'm being lazy today. I went back to sleep. Celebrity poker came on and I dreamed I got a tattoo of a 7 of clubs on my forehead.
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    Trib, do yourself a favor and have the gas company "sniff" the lines inside your house for leaks; you should also check the traps on all the sinks, tubs, lavs, and other plumbing drains to be certain the sewer line isn't gassing you.
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    He just needs to stay on his Lithium.
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    Actually, I'm serious --- course, that doesn't mean he was --- long term exposure to NG odorants at concentrations below the olfactory threshhold can result in very low level poisoning, resulting in "weird" dreams
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    Wow! Could this have been going on for say, several years, explaining tribdog's behavior altogether?
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    most of my odors are well above the olfactory limit
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    So can falling asleep with the TV on. :biggrin: He might do better to just turn off the TV before he goes to sleep.
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    Please don't interrupt when we're talking about you.
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