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Watching meteors tonight

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    I've seen two bright ones in almost no time spent watching
    Pleides at zenith
    a couple of brief ventures outside between 9:30 and 9:50 PM

    GMT-7, I think.
    they were both overhead going one NW and one SW.

    [edit: no I am in GMT-8. Labguy reminded me. I keep forgetting because of daylightsavingtime changes, I guess]
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    It's cloudy here as usual. I've missed the Jupiter occultation and now this.

    oh well at least I should get to see comet Machholz at some point.
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    I was outside (testing new binoculars) for only about 15 minutes and saw three nice ones, one very large travelling from NW to SW. GMT -7 hours. Marcus probably lives next door to me and we don't even know it... :bugeye:
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    I only managed about 10 minutes outside (1:30 AM) & saw 1 great one (brighter than Sirius), a couple good ones, and about a half-dozen faint ones. Wish I had planned ahead more to spend more time outside...it was a great meteor shower. Although there were several clouds in my area, the seeing was excellent and the moonless night really helped.
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    you know very well I live in GMT-8 Labguy and I do not live nextdoor to you!
    I just forgot my timezone for a moment and said the wrong thing
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    I lament the overcast skies and the snowy weather in the northeast...
  8. Dec 15, 2004 #7
    I wanted to watch the Geminids this monday, but after weeks of almost nothing but clear skies, it has now been cloudy from Saturday or so until today :grumpy:
  9. Dec 18, 2004 #8
    I was on holiday but I still managed to see one faint one from my hotel.:frown: It happened to be facing south :smile:
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