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Watching the Olympics

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    Hey guys!! Haven't posted here for a while now - the title of this thread should tell you why!!!

    Anyway - here in SA, we got 8 dedicated channels of olympic sport (excluding other sport channels and the non-dedicated channels) so I'm kinda overdosing on olympics. Anyways - thought it would be kewl to start a thread where yo guys can post on anything Olympic - good, bad or any comments about youir viewing experience or your personal experience at the games - be it as olympians or spectators.

    Hope to hear form all you guys!
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    I live in Barcelona, and lived the games of 1992. All the city was very nervous because wanted to offer a good image to the world. Fortunately all went well, I remember the ceremony when the archer fired the torch like a very emotive moment. It seemd to me like the people walking in the streets seemd more happier than habitual during that year. Don't know exactly why, but 1992 was one of the best years of my life
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    I'm on an olympic strike. It's gotten way too commercial. They don't even let the competitors write about their experiences during the games without getting disqulified and losing all their metals. It's just rediculus how protective the networks have gotten about their so called intellectual property.
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    http://msnbc.msn.com/id/5770938/ [Broken]

    "Everyone from athletes to journalists is being asked to toss away their Pepsis and finish off Pizza Hut (PEP) delicacies before entering Olympic venues. "I was asked to turn my shirt inside out at the entrance to a match, because the logo was too large and I was sitting in front-row seats, where the TV cameras would have caught sight of me for sure," says one exasperated spectator. In fact, the guidelines published by Athens 2004 say spectators may be refused admission if they're carrying food or drinks made by nonsponsor companies."
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    i dont have cable or satalite TV so im finding it vary hard to catch the events im looking for. iv watched at least 10 hours of the olympics and i have only see 2 bouts of boxing. the problem is that my local TV guide gives 5 hour blocks and 4 events but not the order of the events or the length, and besides that, im catching events not schedualed for that block! the frusration! the confusion! aahhhh!
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    The real "dream team" is the gold-medal winning US women's softball team. They only gave up one run in the entire tournament, to Australia in the final. An awesome performance.
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    Soory to hear 'bot you devil-fire. I LOVIN' the games - I've kinda not slept properly in the last couple weeks - nor have I done any homework (and I'm sure thats gonna catch up with me sooner or later!!)

    Anyway - what's amazing me at the moment are all the upsets. Gabresalasie (spelling?), Mutola, the SA team winning the 4x100m freestyle relay, Paul Hamm - wow!

    Little bit of a gripe though. The judging is TERRIBLE!!! Yesterdays gymnastics was stopped for like five minutes because of the judges "judging" of Alexei Nemov. His routine was brilliant but... Also, the women's team gymnastics final had a few errors in judgement. And I won't even go on about Paul Hamm... BUT, it seems that gymnastics is not the only sport "suffering." The fencing had a lot of judgement errors meaning China lost gold. I really think that it's unfair that people lose medals from stupid errors.
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