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Water absorption by plants

  1. Nov 20, 2013 #1
    Anyone know an equation for comparing water absorption by plotted plants vs. evaporation of the water collecting in the pot's water collector? That is, if I water a plant and much of the water leaks through to the collection area how much of that leaked water will evaporate vs. be absorbed by the plant?
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    Your question is too vague. Different plants absorb different ammounts of water. be more spécific
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    That is extremely vague, but you could start with the diffusion equation
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    I don't know an equation.You can try this:
    Keep the environmental conditions constant through out the experiment.
    Leave the pot with 1l of water without putting the plant.
    After 1hrs measure the volume of water now.
    Put the plant and repeat the experiment.
    Now,water lost is = water evaporated+water absorbed.
    We know the water evaporated so we can find the water absorbed

    This experiment may be inaccurate because plant will reduce the surface area water and light reaching.But this experiment can give a rough result
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    adjacent, that's a helpful suggestion and I might try that, but I was hoping people might know of an equation already.

    gabriel, a good equation would simply have a variable for different plant absorption rates, etc.

    The_Engineer, could you explain how the diffusion equation would work in this scenario? Thanks!
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