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Water and electricity

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    hehe, you gotta be kidding :biggrin:

    Most likely the quickest path of return will be in the power strip, if it's submerged it will just blow the circuit barker.
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    It's always dangerous to have glass bottles at a pool. Duh.
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    This same photo came up in one of the usenet electronics groups a few years ago. After our initial outrage, I think the consensus was that it is a "staged" photo, and the circuit was not live.
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    this doesnt appear to be such a stupid question, althought the pool is made of rubber, therefore insulated the supply is the most likely return path to earth, so u would be killed, but what if the supply was without neutral and earth, just a core in the water would the people be shocked?? im thinking mayb not as there is no return path for the electricity?
    can anyone clarify.
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    Where was the photo taken and what is the voltage? Where do you find power strips with the prongs in it instead of the cord?
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    I agree with waht...it will trip the breaker since there would be a dead short across the hot and return line. I don't see any fault current paths elsewhere.

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    It looks like some European connections I've seen before in power strips. They have two prongs in the plug that stab into the receptacle.


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