Water and Oxygen?

  1. Hello gentlemen -

    New to the forum here! ..... I have what I hope is an easy question for my Materials & Chemical buds.
    Is there any material that is 100 percent non-corrosive against water and oxygen (sometimes nitrogen)? .... I work for a Gas Analytical company, whereas we test the permeability for different materials.
    To do so, we run a mixture of water and oxygen (or nitrogen) through these units.

    Not sure if I'm really explaining this well enough.
    I'm basically looking for a material that will be non-corrosive, or a "treatment" that would satisfy the objective.

    Any help would be so appreciated.

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    Welcome to PF.
    Maybe Polyethylene. PE powder coated.
    You give chemical properties, but what physical characteristics must the material have?
  4. Thanks Baluncore - the material would most likely be Aluminum (6061 or sim.)
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