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Water bed

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    I have a water bed and I have a t connector that let's me connect a garden hose to my bathroom sink.

    But I wanted to know if there is a w any to connect my garden hose to my bath tube spike?

    The bath tube spike is round and about 2 inch round.

    If I am not asking in the right way please let me know?
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    Re: watter bed

    you might be able to attach your hose to the shower head if you have one.
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    Re: watter bed

    I don't know where you live, but in the US when you buy a water bed, it generally comes with adapters. One adapter lets you attach a hose to the water bed to fill it, and the other adapter lets you connect the other end of the hose to a sink faucet. Typically, you have to unscrew the aerator from a kitchen or bathroom sink faucet, so you can thread that adapter on. I hope this helps. Good luck.
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    Re: watter bed

    i have a waterbed and had it for better than 2 decades.

    there are little plastic adapters for both ends of the garden hose. if you attach the garden hose to a standard faucet outside or a similar faucet inside (usually in a utility room), you won't need the adapter on that end. but for a typical kitchen sink faucet or spigot you do.

    the adapter for the bed end of the hose is generally always needed, whether you're filling or draining.

    if you don't have these adapters, go back to the store where you bought the waterbed. if you obtained it directly from an owner/user, and that person has lost the adapters, i don't know where to find them. i guess check out the web. if you know another waterbed owner, maybe you can ask to borrow the hose adapters. they will want the adapters back, for sure.
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    Re: watter bed

    You mentioned that the object you have looks like a T connector. I think you may have the aspirator. This is a device that lets you drain the waterbed. It actually uses the force or running water to pump the water out of the bed. If it's the aspirator, one of it's legs will have no threads on it and should have some sort of hood over the thing to disperse the water when draining. You can't use the aspirator to fill the waterbed.

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