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Water Calculation

  1. May 19, 2008 #1
    Please see if you can help me work this out. Thanks.

    A pond has a surface area of 100 square feet and has an average depth of
    2' (minimum depth is 8"). Water is flowing into one end of the pond at the
    rate of 3000 gallons/hour. When the system is running normally, the water
    is flowing out of the downstream end of the pond at the same 3000
    gallons/hour rate. The outflow is captured in a reservoir containing a
    pump that re-circulates the water back to the upstream end of the pond.
    Assume that evaporation is zero and that there is no other water lost
    during normal operation.

    If the pump is unplugged, how much water will run off of the surface
    of the pond? Can a formula be devised to be used for different flow rates
    and different surface areas?

    Cheers, Joe
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