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Water-cooling - help please

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    im doing an investigation into what is the most efficient way to cool a glass of water. so far i am looking at:
    -Refrigeration/ Freezing
    -Adding liquid coolants:
    -Distilled water
    -mineral oils

    any more ideas?
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    Efficient or fast? They are not the same thing. And you'll need to be more specific about what you are going to do. Ie, the most efficient way to cool a glass of water from boiling to room temp in a room is by letting it cool on its own: you add no additional heat to the room, as you would if you used any sort of active cooling.
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    Yeah... for fast, I'd consider dropping it into a vat of liquid nitrogen. Given the energy expended in order to liquify the nitrogen in the first place, however, it's hardly efficient.
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