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i just came across these videos on you tube

1 [crackpot link deleted]

i wonder how come that invention hasn't changed our world YET

dOes petroleum INDUSTRYu have a future... ( i am petroleum engineerin :((((((((((((((((((

also can anybody explain how come the radio wave break the H-O bond in water and it LIGHT up.... I thought that in COMBUSTION the PRODUCST ARE ALWAYS CO2 and H2O

that's weird... and WHY do we need salt water since THese radio waves can break that O-H bond in DISTILLED WATER AS WELL... why is the salt so important? and WHAT ARE THE BYPRODUCST OF THAT REACTION SINCE THERE IS NO CO2???


i think i have to change my major... i don't wanna be without a job one day...

2 - [crackpot link deleted]

how come the flame is cold if you touch it and super hot when attached to another material...

also when he burns that white surface... and shows the water drops... How are they actually created? -

and when he shows that he drives his car with water.... i am asking myself... WHY IN THE WORLD SUCH ENGINE ARE NOT BUILD YET?????

they show it is done.. water is FUEL//... the answered is found...

what takes them so long before starting mass production?

please ponder upon these questions and explain me WHY :)))

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please ponder upon these questions and explain me WHY :)))

I haven't done the experiment, but I believe the outcome would look something like this:

A 1.0 kilo-watt microwave beam is pointed at a vial of saltwater. The water splits into hydrogen and oxygen atoms, which when burned, generate 0.1 kilo-watt of thermal energy.

I would keep your day job if I were you.
1. don't change your major.

2. @OmCheeto: +1

3. [itex]\textrm{CO}_2[/itex] is produced on combustion when organic compounds combust [or other compounds which have carbon in them]. Combustion reactions are basically oxidation reactions only. The oxidation of a Magnesium strip is a lot like combustion, but neither [itex]\textrm{H}_2\textrm{O}[/itex] or [itex][itex]\textrm{CO}_2[/itex]

4. I don't know if this has to do anything with ionic phenomena, but if it does.. then salt water is necessary. If it doesn't... and as you said that this happens with distilled water too.. then the point i think is that distilled water isn't easy to find. However, we have salt water in abundance which we can use to create energy.

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