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Water filtration sysyem for relief in N.O.

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    I am an 18 year old from Minneapolis and I plan on heading to New Olreans very shortly to help out down there. I am brining a van full of supplies and one of the items I would like to bring with is a water purifier and filtration system. I'm thinking the best set up I could have would be either a carbon or a sediment filter, or maybe a combination of both. I just want something that could convert the flood water into drinkable water for people. Can anyone tell me what to build or show me a website?
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    Just buy one so you wont run into any problems creating bad water. I dont think disaster areas are the best places to 'experiment' with thing slike this.
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    I would love to buy one, but I'm kind of broke right now. All I can afford are the parts to make one. Besides, I know they are very simple and effective, because I remember making some in Chemistry class in high school that consistently removed chemicals and other materials from water.
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    Try to google one then. Google is your friend :D
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