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Water flow feed rate for hydroponic grow unit

  1. Mar 1, 2012 #1
    how do you calculate the amount of water that can be supplied to pvc pipe with an exact number of holes drilled into it to feed plants water
    3/32" diameter hole in 1/2 pvc pipe each pipe has 29 hole 5 pipes approx 88" long connected to a 1" pvc pipe manifold water fed through drilled holes must reach a height of 4" vertical
    head height not a problem pump is only 18" below supply lines and head pressure on pump can reach over 20 feet
    what i need to figure out is how much additional pipe with additional holes can the pump supply

    pump being used is 1505 gph
    this is for a hydroponic herb garden with 145 net pots
    trying to start a business growing basil dill sage ect

    all input would be greatly appreciated

    thank you
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