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Water flow into a pipe

  1. Jan 5, 2013 #1
    Hi all,

    I have a practical problem at work that I need some help with please!

    In the ground, there is a gas pipe that runs alongside a burst water pipe. There is a hole in the gas pipe of approx 40mm in diameter, and the water is blasting the hole with constant water pressure of 4000 millibar.

    Any idea how to work out rate of water flow entering the hole in the gas pipe?

    Any help much appreciated! The only comparable problems I can find on the net are rate of water leaking out of a hole in a bucket that is full with water (bernoulli's law). Can this equation be used too? Q = A x v?
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    A gas :eek: pipe with a 40 mm hole!*#?:eek:

    Are you any relation to bob the builder?
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    hahaha yeah
    why on earth are you fixated on a water flow when you have a huge hole in a gas pipe ????
    forget the water flow rate, it isnt important to your problem, turn it off and get the gas pipe fixed then get the water main fixed

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