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Water Flow System

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    I have a hanger i need to install rain drainage system, note the rain in the area is medium.

    Dual areas total of 6000 m2 will collect water. Each area 3000 m2 will have a downward 9.5 meter 6" pipe every 10 meters and goes horizontally 10 meters for the main outlet pipe. both 3000 m2 area would use the same outlet line. This mean that the main outlet line would collect the water coming from the 6000 m2.

    Note I'm considering slope of 2 cm/meter because the total length of the main outlet pipe would be 150 meters.

    Please advice regarding the main pipe.
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    Welcome to PF.

    How do you define medium?

    You will need to know the absolute maximum rate of rainfall in mm over a period of about one minute.
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    Every 10 metres along what? You have not specified the building linear dimensions, only area.
    Does the 150m main outlet run along the centre and is it the same length as the building?
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    Max. 30mm per hour

    Every 10 meters, a 6 inches pipe runs down from the ceiling.
    the buidling is 40 meters by 150 meter long and yes the line will run out along the hanger
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