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Homework Help: Water in a pipe

  1. Dec 24, 2014 #1
    1. Water is flowing in a pipe at 5ms-1, the end of the pipe is held vertically and discharges into the atmosphere, the velocity of water discharging from the pipe is:
    • a=0.25
    • b=1.3
    • c=5
    • d=25
    2. The water in the question above will rise to a height in metres of:
    • a=1.3
    • b=0.25
    • c=25
    • d=13
    I will be grateful for any help with these 2 questions. Thank you
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    Please don't post your HW questions in random forums. The Homework Forums are there so that you can get timely responses to your questions.
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    Please use the template. Quote any equations you have been taught which you suspect to be relevant, and show some attempt at a solution. You must at least have some thoughts you can share.
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