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Water in bottle

  1. Jun 9, 2015 #1
    Today I was sitting and holding a bottle with few drops on water in it. I placed bottle horizontally and started to spin in around its axis to collect more drops and make a big drop of water. There were few small water drops that I missed and then I stopped spinning bottle. The water drop was large and it was obvious that if I start spinning bottle again drop will start to move because of gravity, but what about those small water drops that I missed. Why are they not moving? Does it have something to do with mass or is it that friction force is stronger than gravity?(but again if small water drop is up side down *-imagine you have small water drops on your ceiling -* why it just does not drop down?). Also why and how water merge into one big drop? Why other elements or materials cant do the same?( i guess that they have to be in one of 3 elemental states to have ability to merge and not all can do it).
    I am newbie to all this but really interested.
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    +1 DEvens. These effects are due to surface tension, of which water has a lot. And it is one (of several) reasons why water is the keystone to the existence of life as we know it.
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