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Water Leak Calculation

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    Hello PF,

    I have a question. I would like to know how many gallons per hour are leaking from a residential hot water system. Here are the parameters: House PSI or H2O pressure=100 psi. Hot water pipe size=3/4” copper. Temperature of piping that is approx. 10’ away from the water heater=120 degrees. Temperature of H2O @ water heater T-stat=130 degree (Delta T of 10 degrees).

    My take is that to maintain a temperature difference of only 10 degrees across that length of ¾ pipe, there would have to be significant flow through the pipe, and such, a leak somewhere within the system. So, I thought I’d ask some experts what they thought. Question: How many gallons per minute/hour are leaking? P.S. Not my house, but when I heard about the situation, it seemed like a good question! Thank you in advance for all responses…
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