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Water level in glass flask

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    itxx change lykk why water in glass flask first decrease then increase????replyy
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    It helps control pouring.
    Imagine if it were the opposite, such as with a martini glass.
    Try to pour with that!

    Edit: Oh, I forgot! Also mixing. Probably more for that reason.
    Recall films of scientists swirling their mixture with such a flask.
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    may b it due to xpansion or sumthng lyk dat ???
    well i didnt got ur answer can u elaborate it ??
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    it first decrease then increaseeee why soo ???/
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    Are you talking about the shape of the glass, or, why the density of water is greater at the bottom than at the top?
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    IV i knew d answer would i ask ??

    ques is whyy the level of water in glass flask first decreases then increases ???
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    Are you talking about this?
    See attached pic.

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    HEY LIsten
    suppose in glass flask dere is a water awlryte??
    den on heating d level ov water decreases first den increases??why dix happen ???whtx d reason behind dix ???
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    yeah ryte pic bt why water in glass flask decreases thn after tym it increases ??why so ??
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    OK, now we're getting somewhere... assuming I can decrypt your language.

    Evaporation happens first(actually at all times), and the water level initially drops, but then something special happens: The water boils, which means there are a lot of air-pocket bubbles now in the water; expanding the water.
    So, it now appears that the water level is rising; quite substantially, sometimes "boiling over"

    Does this help, RabX ?
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    ITX ANSWER IS WHEN V HEAT flask first d flask xpand den heat vll reach to liquid in flask n thus liquid vll xpand n increase ..
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    well apart from that
    i have query in d problem of thermal expansion
    "THe coefficient of linear expansion ov glass is 9multiply 10 raise to power -6.if a specific gravity bottle holds 50.000cm3 at 15 Centigrade find its capacity at 25 degree centigrade???
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    Per the https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=414380":
    Write like a grown-up and people might answer your questions.
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    I'm sorry, but the OP's continual lack of basic communicative ability lends further response by me impossible.

    Before I leave this particular thread I must say this:

    I do not believe his communicative inability is due solely to text messaging linguistics.
    Rather, in my opinion, there is something more to this.
    I suspect a serious drug usage and an attempt to refine drug production.

    Just my opinion, could be wrong, but I can't further participate in this thread.

    Thanks, and good luck RabX
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