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Water molecules

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    Hallo Everyone,

    I am trying to find out what happens to the size of a water particle in the gas phase and water phase. Knowing that the max molecular size of one water molecule is 2,78Angstroms, I am not quite sure at which state this dimension is valid. When combined with other molecules (a mass of water ) then the molecules have a slightly lower size I guess due to the reduction of the angle between the two H atoms. In vapour state where one molecule may be airbourne will the molcule have an overall max dimension of 2,78A or greater?
    As the water freezes the mass goes down but the volume goes up (expands) due to the alignment of the molecules, what measurment would one molecule have in this state?
    Van der vaal says that water molecules have two sizes, one for hydrogen bonded and one for non-hygrogen bonded molecules but I dont know what these measuremnets are!
    Can anyone help?


    Rob (Muppet68)
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