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Water, more interesting than it looks

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    I've been stumbling across interesting articles about water recently, such as:


    For something so apparently simple and ordinary and essential for life in a few different ways to be so full of hidden complexity gets me feeling all evangelical almost. Anyway I have the option of doing an undergraduate project next year using molecular dynamics simulations to study super-critical water. I wondered if anyone else was studying water, or thought it was an interesting area to explore.
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    I think water is unbelievably fascinating as a chemical, especially considering how common it is. Its uniqueness is astonishing.

    I think you would receive bonus points from your teachers and the other students for shining a light on something fascinating that is right under our noses.
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    It certainly is an interesting subject -- I remember being fascinated reading a page describing all the different types of (water) ice, and how one might go about creating them.
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    Water is an extremely special liquid. Many properties of water are of uniqueness, which are often called anomalous behaviors. This is to say that the properties are hardly predicted with simple extrapolation from other liquids being of similar structures. Actually, so far, the structure and dynamics of liquid water, especially in its supercooled state, are far from our understanding. This is really interesting liquid.
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