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Homework Help: Water pressure-displacament

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    i have this question:
    what would be the force in kilograms to press the entire volume of water from the container up the pipe at 30ft. ( some of the water will remain in the pipe of course).

    see image:


    BIG thank you
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    Hi alibaba2! :smile:

    (I assume the pipe is open at the top, so the water just spills out and disappears.)

    You need to calculate the force needed to lift a 2 ft cube of water to the top of a 30 foot pipe.

    So the formula you should use is … ? :smile:
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    no idea whatsoever........i had the formula written down,but i can't access my notes from my current location....

    any help tim????

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    Well, what principle do you think would help … energy? … momentum? … work? … something else?

    Hint: how much force is needed to raise a one-cubic-foot bucket of water a height of one foot? :smile:
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