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Water pressure help

  1. May 30, 2006 #1
    If there is anyone out there that can answer this it would be greatly appreciated. I am stuck with this one.

    At normal pressure of its own weight how can I determin the water pressure of water coming out of a 3/8ths in. nozzle out of a 250 gallon tank?
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    i think that it would depend on how tall the tank is. but i am not sure of the equasioons to figure it out. i am no expert and am probably missing something.
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    Nozzle size doesn't matter. Initially you get about 1 atm (14.7psi) of pressure for every 33 feet of height, which holds until the pressure starts to significantly compress the water, but this would require a very tall tank.
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    Nozzle diameter doesnt affect the pressure, but it does affect the exit speed of the water. The pressure is only a function of the water level height above the nozzle (p=ro*g*h).
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