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Water Proofing matches & Nobel Prize in Chemistry

  1. Mar 10, 2004 #1
    Made a neat little discovery.

    If you put wooden stemmed matches into a cup of turpentine and leave them to soak for about two or three minutes they become permanently waterproof.

    After I take them out of their turpentine bath I lay them out to dry ovenight on a sheet of newspaper.

    As an experiment I have thrown a handful of such treated matches into buckets of water, left them there for a few minutes, wiped off the excess water and found that they ignite perfectly.

    Great thing is their is no sudden flaring or running hot wax to burn fingers. The matches burn like regular matches even after having being soaked in water.

    Do you think I will get a Nobel prize for this great advance in Chemistry ?...:wink:

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