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Water propulsion? whoosh

  1. Sep 12, 2009 #1
    water propulsion? whoosh!!!

    I've seen this question written three different ways and each gives three different answers. I'm just not sure how the answer is gotten.

    Here is what I see when I see the question...either two straight lines to depict a pipe for water, or a straight line and a line that shows a dip to depict a pipe.

    Then, the question goes something like, where is the water pressure the greatest? It turns out, that no matter what I choose, I'm wrong every time I answer the question.

    It turns out that there are different ways of describing where water pressure is entering or exiting the pipe so I'm constantly getting the question wrong. Is there some way to identify where, point A (the entrance of the pipe), B (the middle of the pipe), or C (the exit of the pipe) where the most pressure is going to be depending on how the question will be written?
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