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Water propulsion

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    :rolleyes: Recently I have gained great interst on understanding how I gain speed and move through water while swimming in a race. Using the Freestyle as example I have my body in the water creating drag forces or a form of friction. And I must use my hands and feet(mostly hands/arms) to create surface area to apply force backwards on the water so that it will increase my forward velocity.

    When this Push occurs is there any possible way to put numbers on these variables(drag force-on surface and under water, propulsion force-with the surface area and speed and pressure occuring on the pushing surface)

    :confused: If anything an equation that I could use to calculate a general estimate of the resistance I recieve on the surface of the water compared to the parts of my body the are completely submerged that create drag forces.o:) Any helps?
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    Try this link.

    http://www.coachesinfo.com/category/swimming/153/#hydro [Broken]
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