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Water pump PSI output question

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    Lets say I have two water pumps that are the same and each can output around 100 psi of water pressure. If I were to connect them in series meaning that the output of 1 goes to the input of the other will the total pressure output at the last water pump be around 200 psi? what if I connect them in parallel?

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    jack action

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    That is the theory. The pump rating is a pressure differential, which means it adds 100 psi to the input flow. But the second pump design must be able to handle the 100 psi @ the given flow rate for its input flow. Pump design is important for limitation on the maximum pressure. Positive displacement pumps are generally better suited for such an approach.

    In parallel, the flow rate is divided by 2 but the pressure increase stay the same for both pumps, i.e. 100 psi. So you could use smaller pumps because the flow rate is smaller for each one.
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