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Water Pump System

  1. Aug 13, 2004 #1
    Dear ...

    Please Try To Read Those :

    I have This System Of Water Pump Consist Of An Electrical Motor And A Water Pump For Lifting Water From An Underground To The Upground ... In A Factory Using This Pumped Water For Cooling The Iron That Produced Form The Rolling Machines ... (( Open System - To The Atmosphere )) .

    And The Main Thing I Want To Know It ... Is To Be Sure Is This System Is Working Correctly With The Bellow Specifications :

    Electrical Motor Specifications :

    RPM = 2900
    V = 380
    P = 5.5 Kw
    F = 50 Hz
    A = 10
    3 - Phase Induction Electrical Motor


    Water Pump Specifications :

    RPM = 3600
    P = 6 HP
    H = 30 m
    Q = 1000 L / Min.


    The input and out put line of the pump = 3 inches Pipe


    The thing that I want to know it exactly ... how they choosing the this Electrical Motor For This Pump ... Is That Correct ...

    On What Formula They Depend ... Or On What Base They Depend To Choose This Electrical Motor For This Water Pump ...

    You Can See The RPM For Both Of The E.M. And The Water P.
    And How They Arrange The Both ... ???

    Hope I can get the right answer and helping to understand the bases and the formulas also in details ...

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