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Water responds to thoughts

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    Wasn't really sure where to put this...

    But anyway, I was wondering if someone knew something about this:


    Is there actually any credible work there? And if so, how/why does it work?

    Or is it just a load of b.s.? That was my initial thought... but a friend of mine insists that it's true after seeing a movie called "what the bleep do we know?"
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    It's a bunch of bs. It's been discussed here before.
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    'What the bleep' has been debunked on about a bazillion different sites. It ain't science.

    But for kicks, after the Asia Tsunami, some internet people said they wanted to send "healing energy" to the water in asia. I suggested a trial run - and I inoculated two water samples with fecal coliforms (I am a micro instructor and have access.)

    Needless to say, the meditated upon water had just as much coliform contamination as the unmeditated upon water. Meditation didn't purify it or perfect it it in any demonstrable way at all.

    It's crap. Pun intended. It really is.
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