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Water Rockets

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    I'm Currently Making A Water Rocket And I Want To Obtain More Information About The Factors That Might Affect It From Launching Higher. Thanks For Your Help Really Appreciate It.
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    Its a trade off between more water (for propulsion) and less water to lower the mass. At school we use 1.5 - 2 litre soft drink bottles for the main bodies. You fill these to about the 1/3rd level for the highest and longest flights. 3 litre bottles are rubbish...

    Nozzle size is also a factor, but the std drink bottle opening works fine. We use toy kits called 'Roket's to build them up.

    Great fun, good Physics!
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    thanks adrian your help is very much appreciated
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    how the hell do u pressurise them ?
    ive heard of these water rockets ,and i plan to build one of these but i live in india and i dont think i can get the kit here in india .but i'll try

    how can the nozzle size be altered ? what kind of aerodynamic innovations do we need to minimise drag ?and whats the size of the fins [the thingys that stick out from the fuselage] for standard 2 litre softdrink bottle ?

    my main problem remains pressurising the bottle ,do you require some kind of a gas pump or something like that ?
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    Also remeber to make it have the smallest wing span possible. Also you want to have a wieght at the top like a tennis ball or a racket ball. You need to do this so it has some wieght at the top also you need to have a smaller wingspan iwht yoru fins so as to not have it fly everywhere because even the smallest imperfection on a bottle rocket screws it up.
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    Here - have a look at the company website....


    Also, type Rokit into Google for loads of info
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    Here's one of our rockets in action. (if I uploaded the file properly!!)

    They sure go high!

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