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Water sensor umbrella

  1. Oct 22, 2013 #1
    I would like to design an umbrella system that will be attached to your table for outdoor restaurants that works upon a rain sensor system for my final year project. So, in case while you are having a wonderful meal and suddenly it rains, you dont have to worry as the umbrella will automatically activate. Since im in the mechanical field, I dont have much knowladge in the electrical section. My design includes a water sensor at the tip of the umbrella to collect rain drop and to send the signal to the hydraulic pump (small type) that will open up the umbrella. My question here is is it possible to use a hydraulic pump or is there any other solution ..? Also, after the sensor detects the rain, how does it send impulse in order for the pump to work...??Please help me...Your help is much appreciated.. Thank You...

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    You would probably use a small microcomputer to monitor the sensor output - otherwise you would devise a circuit with a cutoff value - then activate the device which opens/closes the umbrella automatically.

    Your open/close mechanism depends on the design of the umbrella system - you should probably do your own mechanical design! Then if you like hydraulics it will work correctly.
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    I agree on perhaps designing your own open close mechanism, mostly due to the fact that at most tables I've sat at, if the umbrella were to suddendly start to open, we'd lose lots of beer and chips, and probably get a face full of umbrella...

    What ideas have you already come up with for having the sensor start the opening of the umbrella?

    Also, you should probably take your email down and request PM's. Not usually a good idea to post your personal email in a public forum.
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    Please, all questions must be asked in this thread, laavan, please do not contact members privately, that is what this thread is for.
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    Laavan, I don't agree with UltrafastPED who suggested using a microcomputer. You've asked for a simple detection and actuation mechanism, and I don't see any need to "compute" anything. I do agree with Travis_King who cautions you about automatic opening...who wants beer and chips and umbrella in the face?

    The sensing function can be as simple as two exposed conductors mounted very close together connected to a simple comparator. Assuming that the rain is a moderate conductor a drop or two will cause the comparator to switch states. From that signal a relay driver may energize a relay that operates a small electric motor. The driving mechanism, electric or hydraulic, would be the most difficult and expensive part of your project.
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