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Water slide projectile

  1. Aug 4, 2014 #1
    Hello guys.
    I was wondering about slides in a water a park and how they calculate the landing distance to predict where a person who land in order to keep them safe by landing them in the water of course... and also at an appropriate speed.

    So I want to do an experiment on this by making a model slide and sliding a controlled object down it. What are some things I should consider? and What are some variables I can change?

    Maybe something like launch angle vs distance? and find out the optimum angle for the shortest distance or something like that?

    If you can provide links to experiments that people have already done , it would be greatly appreciated as well.

    or maybe even the pool water depth with speed of entry/launch of angle? Thanks!
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    Welcome to Physics Forums! Many members here are well-educated and many have life-long experiences in the sciences. We members are always ready and willing to assist any real "searcher" who wants to increase her knowledge in the sciences. We do not, however, spoon-feed questioners.

    Have you searched for answers on the internet yet? Do you use Google or other search engines to find information? Using Google I entered the search terms "desiging waterslides" and within approximately 3.086 seconds many websites appeared that addressed you questions directly. Here's the very first one: http://www.interfab.com/swimming-pool-slides/Build-Your-Own-Slide.aspx

    My recommendation for you is to examine the existing literature on the subject first. Then, if you have some doubts or specific questions, come right back here to Physics Forums and post them. You may expect expert help in understanding and elimination of any doubts you may have about the underlying science.

    By the way, may I suggest that in future your revise your greeting from "Hello guys" to include the other not-so-insignificant part our scientific community, females?

    Cheers, Bobbywhy
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