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Homework Help: Water Solubility

  1. Apr 19, 2007 #1
    This is a question I got confused on while helping my son with his homework. I thought you guys might know:
    Which of the following is NOT a reason why water is a good solvent:
    A] it is a polar molecule
    B] it forms strong bonds with other molecules
    C] it has low compressibility at high temperatures

    I know it can't be A, because that is one of the main reasons. And I know B is true because hydrogen bonding is a really strong force, but then i remembered that it only with fluorine, oxygen, and nitrogen, so I didn't know if it was with every molecule. And I thought bonding related more to surface tension, and such. I know C is true but I haven't read up on that too much, so I'm not exactly sure.

    Would appreciate any feedback GREATLY.
    thanks :)
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    I think B is the correct answer. Well, water can form some kinds of bonding with other molecules, especially the hydrogen bond. But those bonds can never be strong bonds and they can easily be dissociated under appropriate conditions.
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    Question is which is NOT a reason. Correct answer is C.

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