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Water Supply on Cruise ships

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    Do cruise ships store clean water aboard in tanks or do they use desalination systems? Or do they take on water from their destination ports?
    I did a search online and I couldn't find any reliable sources.

    Is it any different on an ocean liner?
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    Navy ships make water using RO machines or distilling but top off their water tanks in port with city water. I can't imagine cruise ships would do any different.
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    They use flash evaporators or reverse osmosis, but I would imagine that they keep a large quantity on hand and/or fill it from a municipal source whenever possible for cost reasons.
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    Thanks for the responses!

    Could anyone of you give me references/articles about water treatment onboard cruise ships or ocean liners? That would be greatly appreciated!
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    You can find out how it's done on the Queen Mary 2 by looking on Wikipedia:


    (are there any other ocean liners in regular passenger service nowadays?)
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    Thank you! I assume it'll be the same on cruise ships by Carnival, Royal Carribean, Norwegian
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