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Water Tank volume

  1. Dec 8, 2016 #1
    Hi, a water tank will be put in the third level floor or slab. What must be the volume if gravity tank will be used so the pressure would be strong at 2nd floor and ground? It will be primarily a wet fire system. The tank won't be used for any other water applications since the building already has water line. Any website to compute for it as well as pipe size to ensure strong pressure? Also are gravity or pressurized water tank recommended for such kind of usage? Thank you.
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    Usually there are building codes (laws) or fire codes that specify the requirements of fire suppression systems. You should ask your local city government, or the local fire department where to find the appropriate codes.

    I would not rely on advice from an Internet Forum.
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    I agree with anorlunda. You need to find out what the building and fire codes are for your wet standpipe system, and follow them. There will be a permit that you need to get from your local building enforcement department, and the final installation will need to be inspected and signed off by the Building Inspector and the Fire Marshall.
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