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Water Waves

  1. Mar 14, 2004 #1
    Hey, I need some help with finding information about shallow water waves. Im doing an A-level (i think that college level.. well its just below degree level) experiment compairing the velocity of a wave with its depth, and need some help finding background scientific information.
    Everything i have seen so far as either been thesis material or speed=wavelength x frequency . So if anyone could help me i would be very greatful.

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    Deimos, goodness knows I can't help you...but I am sure some of the brainy types will. I just wanted to thank you for the weird link, I am sure my son will love it!

    P.S. I remember hearing something about solenils, or solenoids, or something like that, being a wave, like the kind kids make in the bathtub, that is a single, big wave, concerning velocity and depth. Good luck in your class.
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    That makes 2 of us, but thanks for all your help. I found a really good site that has lost of useful http://intra.es.lancs.ac.uk:8080/gs/GEPH323/CW98/O_Barton/wave.htm
    now all i have to do is to write up my coursework!

    Thanks again,
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