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Wave Equation String BVP

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    Write the BVP for the small vertical vibrations of a homogeneous string. Assume that the wave's speed is c.

    Problem: take L = 2[Pi] , c= 2,
    SUppose that the right end is fixed while the left end is allowed to move vertically. At the left end, the tangent line at any time t is horizontal. Suppose that the string is set into motion from rest with an initial position given by the function f(x) = sin3x
    Write the BVP

    u(x,0) = sin3x
    [tex] u_{t}(x,0) = 0[/tex]
    u(2[pi], t) = 0
    u(0,t) = f(x) since the left end is allowed to move vertically ( is this right? )
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