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Wave equation

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    If [itex]U_0(r,z)=V(r,z)e^{ikz}[/itex], then:

    [tex]\frac{\partial U_0}{\partial z}=\frac{\partial V}{\partial z}e^{ikz}+ikVe^{ikz}[/tex]

    due to the product rule.

    so.... [tex]\frac{\partial^2 U_0}{\partial z^2}=\ldots[/tex]??? :wink:
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    Oops, I see now I was looking past the obvious. I'll do the calculation in the morning. Is there a reason why they leave out the [tex]e^{ikz}[/tex] from the final equation?


    edit: [tex] V = V(r,z)e^{ikz} [/tex]?
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    They haven't "left it out"...To see what becomes of that term, work out the derivatives in equation (4) using the assumed form of U_0.

    Huh?! :confused:...What are you trying to ask here?
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    Worked that out now, must learn not to try and do derivatives in my head while tired.
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