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B Wave function Disruptor

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    Supposed, hypothetically, the wave function was real (Bohmians or Many World wise) and there was an "object" (or whatever) that can disrupt wave function. If you have a table and you activate the device and it destroys the wave function of the table. What would happen to the table?

    I just want to understand if the Hamiltonian of the wave function has direct correspondence to the object such that if you disrupt the wave function of the object (supposed wave functions were real), the object would be similarly disrupted.. or is the wave function more stretchable and the object or table form is maintained if you can pull on the pilot wave from the table?
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    ... and we're hopelessly off into meaningless speculation. This thread is closed.

    You may want to go back and study the role of the Hamiltonian in classical mechanics - anything that affects the system in any way has to show up in the Hamiltonian.
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