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Homework Help: Wave function for Hydrogen and Probability

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    Hey, if any one can throw in some thoughts im a little lost. Not sure If I need to integrate, or what. Thanks for any help.

    The wave function for a hydrogen atom in the 2 s state is:(attachment)

    I need to Calculate the probability that an electron in the 2 s state will be found at a distance less than 3.00 a from the nucleus.

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    Of course you need to inegrate.The Probability is the integral of the probability density...

    [tex]\mathcal{P}=\iiint_{\mathcal{D}} \left| \Psi \left(\vec{r},t\right) \right|^{2} \ dV [/tex]

    is the probability of finding the electron (infinite mass nucleus) in the domain [itex]\mathcal{D}\subseteq \mathbb{R}^{3} [/itex]

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